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Shivam Group is a Ahmedabad (India) based company, Started in 1998, Under the dynamic leadership of Shri. Vishal Acharya. The company is situated on Sur. No. 2065/3, Naaz-Pirana road, Nr. Annapurna Hing, Jetalpur-Daskoi, Ahmedabad.

At present company deals in Citric Acid, Citro-W, Oxalic Acid, Sodium Bi Sulphite (SMBS), Sodium Bi Sulphate (Brasso Print), Sodium Sulphate, Teepol (Liquid Soap), Sodium Silicate, Sodium Hexa Meta Phosphate, Sodium Tripoly Phosphate (STPP), Sodium Meta Silicate (9H2O, 5H2O, Anhydrous), Sulphamic Acid, Green Acid (SUB), Acetic Acid, Glycerine, Titric Acid, Tri Sodium Phosphate, Aluminium Sulphate, Dispersing Agent (UDA), Resist Salt, Fixer (CCL), Sodium Acetate and E.D.T.A. The aim of the company is to provide quality chemicals at reasonable price to the customers.

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